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About Me

My name is Jamie McAdam, i'm the owner of Microbrand Marketing.

3 years ago, I started working with Microbrands to grow sales and acquire customers profitably using paid advertising, email marketing and more. Since then, we've become verified partners with Facebook, Klayviyo and ActiveCampaign, I've spent well over $1 Million on Facebook & Instagram ads, and I've acquired over 100,000 new email subscribers.

I've worked with a huge range of microbrands, some just getting started and some highly successful. Through my business, I've learnt some incredible lessons.

For example... most microbrands still use basic tools like Mailchimp and send out 1 email marketing newsletter per month... I mean... WHAT!!!!

Email marketing should add up to 40% of your annual revenue, and if it isn't... you're doing it wrong.

I've seen multiple people on the internet selling email checklists for north of $90, so I thought i'd publish mine and give it out.. for free.

All I ask is that you genuinely use all of it's tips - because I guarantee it will increase your revenue tenfold.

Oh... and If you want someone affordable to manage all of your marketing efforts... choose us!

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